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Monday, August 4, 2014

Nomination for the APBS Board: Charlotte Hays

Charlotte Hays
Our very own Charlotte Hays will be running for a position on the national APBS Board.

From the APBS website: (although nominations are now closed)

Nominations are being solicited from the APBS membership for five open seats on the full Board of Directors for the 2014 election cycle. Any member of APBS in good standing may nominate another member (or themselves) to run for the board.Terms for seats on the board run for 3 years. The APBS Nominations Committee will establish a slate of candidates based upon the information provided with each nomination.

 In order to vote for board members you must be a member of APBS. To join, visit their membership page here.

Information about Charlotte Hays:

Experience Relevant to Positive Behavior Support 

·         Program Coordinator Sr./Clinical Instructor, Family Focus Positive Behavior Support, WV Autism Training Center, Marshall University

·         Community PBS Program Manager/Research Instructor, Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, West Virginia University

·         Leadership Team Member, Committee Chair, Past-Chair
West Virginia Association for Positive Behavior Support Network 

Charlotte Hays is a Licensed Psychologist with a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis who has implemented and supervised PBS programs through both of the major universities in West Virginia throughout her career.  She has over twenty-five years of experience in Positive Behavior Support, beginning with the first state PBS project involving de-institutionalization efforts, continuing with the development of statewide PBS training and services, and leading into the coordination of  PBS training and services for families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders during the past eleven years.

Nomination Summary:

The commitments I hope to bring to APBS members and the Board include:

  • Collaborating  to  develop  better  integration  and  understanding  of  PBS  across populations, tiers, disciplines, and systems
  • Ensuring  the  fidelity  of  PBS  training  and  practices  through  the  development  of standards of practice for all tiers, including ethical guidelines
  • Supporting state networks in collaborating to effect systems changes to support quality PBS practices
  • Continuing  to  expand  research  applications,  learning  opportunities  and presentation topics across disciplines and systems.

The contributions of the APBS Board and its members in the field of PBS are not only impressive, they are inspiring - and I believe that inspiration is the key to ensuring future generations  of  PBS  evidenced-based  best  practices.    If  you  agree,  I  would  greatly appreciate your support and the opportunity to serve!

Minutes are now available for July 2014

You can now view July 2014's minutes here or, as always, our list of minutes is available on the right-hand side of the page.

Next WVAPBS Meeting - August 20th - WVUCED - Big Chimney

Our next meeting will be held on August 20th 2014 at the WVUCED, Big Chimney office.  


From 79 South Take the Big Chimney exit (Exit 5). Turn left at bottom of exit ramp onto Rte. 114. Turn left at the 4-way stop onto Rte. 119. Cross the bridge. The CED office is in the brick building on the right. 

From 79 North Take the Big Chimney exit (Exit 5). Turn right at bottom of exit ramp onto Rte. 114. Turn left at the 4-way stop onto Rte. 119. Cross the bridge. The CED office is in the brick building on the right.

There is free parking in the rear of the building. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor and follow signs.